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In today's busy times, we would like to treat you to what we often lack -  rest.  Visit our new wellness center, where you can try the effects of the Finnish sauna, or be pampered with massage jets in a whirlpool for up to 6 people. The pleasant environment of the rest room in the quiet zone will fine-tune your overall absolute relaxation. And the best part is that our wellness is private, so you will not be disturbed by anyone or anything and you can enjoy your own privacy and intimacy. -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_here.

Storno podmínky našich služeb (wellness, masáže, jezdectví a agroturistika)

  • Zrušení zdarma více než 48 hod.

  • 50 % z ceny při zrušení méně než 48 hod.

  • ​100 % z ceny při zrušení méně než 24 hod. před zahájením


If you want to treat yourself to privacy with your partner, take advantage of the private wellness option. Don't forget to order chilled champagne or good wine, try our  wellness basket with snacks for 2 people and maybe one of the massages on offer.


If you choose private wellness for your family or a stay with friends, then take a look at the offer of wellness baskets with refreshments that will make your stay in the SPA center more pleasant. We offer you the opportunity to cool off with a fresh draft beer from a private party beer keg.


Of course, there is the possibility of refreshing drinks and on arrival a mug of our spring water with lemon.  For a feeling of perfect comfort, we are happy to lend you a bathrobe or disposable wellness slippers for a fee.  Since childhood, we use the bath as an opportunity to "wash away our problems". Do you love to relax in the bathtub, but you don't have this option at home? So take advantage of the baths in our wellness center.  Being in warm water is very soothing and has  a beneficial effect on our body and mind. Warm water relieves pain and improves your physical health. What types of baths do we offer you:


HAY BATH– you immerse yourself up to your neck in a mixture of hay and water bath. Hay has healing power and the release of essential oils from it has a positive effect on arthrosis, sciatica, rheumatism and has a positive effect on the skin of the whole body.

THYME BATH– an invigorating bath in thyme and sage extracts from high-quality essential oils. It has a beneficial effect on immunity and the skin.

JUNIPER BATH– a bath in strong juniper extracts circulates blood and warms your whole body. After a day's exertion or sports, it beautifully relaxes all strained muscles and you will feel reborn.

Experience absolute relaxation during a massage with pleasant special music, quality natural essential oils and herbal creams that will relax your muscles and mind.  

We recommend massages as relaxation after riding a horse, cycling, or after sports.The most effective massage will be immediately after the sauna, when your muscles are relaxed and your body is nicely warmed up.


Kristýna Schmidová   -  tel.

Luboš Lachman  -  tel.

Jana Hozáková  -  tel.

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