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Horse riding

Farma Vysoká organizes horseback riding in the wild with experienced trainer Martina Svobodová. Horse riding lessons must be booked at least 4-5 days before arrival.

Please wear athletic shoes and tight-fitting long pants or sweatpants for the horse riding lesson. We will lend you a helmet. Please arrive at the stables by the operations office no later than 15 minutes before the class starts. If you arrive after the start of the lesson, you can no longer enter the training lesson and the right to this ride expires.  

Carefully read the personal responsibility form that you will receive from Mrs. Svobodová, fill in your name and sign. The instructor will determine if you are fit to go into the field with the horse. Please follow his recommendations. If you are interested in purchasing additional rides, they can be arranged after agreement with Ms. Svobodová or reserved. The training class consists of 45 minutes in the saddle and 15 minutes of preparation.  The place of riding is subject to weather conditions (equestrian hall, covered hall, terrain).  



At Farm Vysoká you have the opportunity to learn and experience what it's like to take care of horses, saddle them, clean them, lead them, place them, bridle them, etc. The instructor will guide you through the stables, give a theoretical briefing on breeding, care and riding and answer any questions. Agro lessons must be booked in advance and are for groups.

Stables and pastures


Our horses are mostly on pastures during the day. You can reach them along the building and see the horses. However, it is strictly forbidden to enter the pastures directly! Pastures are under live electrical current that can cause injury. Access to the stables and their inspection is possible during designated hours open to the public from 3 to 4 p.m. After prior agreement, it is also possible to arrange a tour of the stables at other times.



There should be no items on your box such as hooks, hangers, ropes full of harnesses, etc. Besides the halter and leash, there should be nothing else on the box. Please store your other harnesses in your cupboards and lock them to avoid loss or damage. We are not responsible for unsecured items. Please keep your changing rooms clean, e.g. by way of services. We do not guarantee their cleaning!!!  Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation.



Our standard bedding, whether sawdust or straw, is roughly 10 to 15 cm. This layer is cleaned and changed daily. In addition, it is supplemented with an afternoon balance of impurities as necessary. The stables are spacious and well insulated, with ventilation windows. Fortunately, there is no need to add bedding due to the cold or excessive scratching, as is the case in some other stables. For these reasons, only in the case of your interest, we will provide additional bedding for your box for a fee of CZK 300/month. Please do not do so yourself without our knowledge.



Bedding with hay or core is strictly prohibited!!!  If you feel that your horse has not received enough, please discuss with the caretaker, who will supplement the feed at your request.  We charge a fee of CZK 300/month for excessive amounts of hay. Do not store your complementary food in the changing rooms, arrange storage with the caregiver.  We are not responsible for the loss of your unsecured supplementary feed.

Access to pasture


Children under 12 and unauthorized persons are strictly prohibited from entering the pastures!  The enclosures are continuously electrified, which can be turned off right at the entrance gate. Always hang the handles of the entrance gates of the enclosures, they must never be left on the ground! Due to seasonal fungi, we recommend regular foot care or limit access to pastures. We are not responsible for the resulting mold. Please inform our caretakers if you do not wish to take the horse outside or to a recently muddy paddock. If you find any foreign object in the pastures, please remove it or report it to us.

Hall and Riding Hall


Our jumping material is fully at your disposal. Each owner is obliged to clear both obstacles and all dirt from his horse immediately after his lesson for other customers.  If possible, do not enter the hall when training is in operation, or only very quietly and respectfully, only after agreement with the currently present rider. Follow the hall schedule. 

Do not enter the outdoor riding arena after or during heavy rain, when puddles or a very wet surface are visible, which can permanently damage it.  Never clean the stable or hall yourself, ask a caretaker. Observe the "do not enter" sign during the maintenance period.



If you already trust your minor child to ride a horse without supervision, please add to the contract that you will always inform us in advance, e.g. by text message, that the child can ride alone on the given day, unless you allow him to do so permanently without us they had to be informed in advance, or according to an addendum in the contract.


Storno podmínky našich služeb (wellness, masáže, jezdectví a agroturistika)

  • Zrušení zdarma více než 48 hod. před zahájením rezervované služby

  • 50 % z ceny při zrušení méně než 48 hod. před zahájením rezervované služby

  • ​100 % z ceny při zrušení méně než 24 hod. před zahájením rezervované služby

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