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Summer camps 2023


s okamžitou garancí místa

bez okamžité garance místa, s možností uhradit později

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2023 tour dates

1.     Session with accommodation  16.-21.7.

1A.   Session during day only         17.-21.7.

2.     Session with accommodation  31.7.-4.8. 

2B.   Session during day only         30.7.-4.8.  

3.     TSession during day only       14.-18.8.


Price per full camp:                      7500 CZK/full bed

                                                 7000 CZK/extra bed 

Price per camp days opnly:           4200 CZK

The camp program is intended for complete horse riding beginners as well as for more advanced riders. For beginners, the riding program is adjusted so that children can handle it. Children are divided into riding according to experience. Beginners go on a longi with an instructor, advanced ones go on their own, they also go for walks in nature. He learns to control horses during skill rides. 


At the repeated request of the parents, they take care of the horses for part of the day, and they also have theoretical lessons in the form of games. Children spend 1/2 of the time with the horses and the other 1/2  of the program is a standard camp program with the inclusion of games on the topic of environmental education leading to the protection of nature and respect for natural laws.  


The camp includes camp games, sports games, trips in the surroundings and swimming in the pond, bonfires and partly artistic activities (mainly in bad weather, for example painting on stones, modeling from clay and paper, or batik t-shirts)


Suitable for children from 8 to 15 years old, for younger independent children at the discretion of the parents.

Suitable for beginners and advanced.

Capacity of tours: max. 15 children per residential camp and 20 children per suburban camp.

The minimum number of children to open a tour is 10 children.

Application and information (please pay close attention to them!!!):


Residential camp: arrival always on SUNDAY at 4:00 p.m. and departure on Friday by 2:00 p.m.

Suburban camp: from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m

The meeting is always at the Farmy Vysoká restaurant, Vysoká 9, 46331 Chrastava


WE RECOMMEND: LEAVE your mobile phone and other electronics AT HOME. Children will enjoy the camp more offline.  If you want to call them, you will get contact with the instructors when you board, who will always have the phone available. Children will also be able to call you from them at any time.


1.  By confirming receipt of the application and crediting the deposit to our account, your application is valid and the place is reserved. If everything is in order, we will no longer contact you (please do not send requests as to whether the payment has arrived in order), we will only send an information e-mail with detailed instructions before starting the camp.

2.  If you want to create an invoice for the employer (FKSP, employer's contributions to children's recreation, etc.), please include in the e-mail the identification of the employer and the exact wording of what the employer wants to be stated there and the amount for which the invoice should be issued!!! 

3. The application must be signed. Therefore, print it, fill it in, sign it, take a legible photo with a mobile phone or scan it and send it by email (part A only).

4. The child must have a medical certificate for a stay at the summer children's camp (not older than 2 years).

Thank you for your understanding :-)


Contacts:  Václava Jarošová, operator and owner 

Martina Svobodová, phone: +420 777 349 751, email: martina.svobodová

(chief summer camp leader, qualified trainer)

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